Engineering services

System Built to Drawings

Construction Support and Management
Ensuring quality and ongoing monitoring of cathodic protection systems is a key part of what we do. The experienced engineers at Neftegazcomplex-EHZ know what it takes to ensure the proper installation of all cathodic protection components. Neftegazcomplex-EHZ has performed installations, maintenance, monitoring and repairs worldwide.

Our corrosion control team can help with:
Corrosion control field engineering solutions
Cathodic protection system installation and repair
Cathodic protection systems technical assistance
Materials specification and supply

Neftegazcomplex-EHZ provides a full range of construction management and inspection services. Experienced personnel conduct design and specification reviews, field inspections and oversight, and quality assurance inspection services for all types of corrosion-related projects. Our engineers will be available throughout the duration of the installation.

Commission and Certify Installation


Conceptual Designs

Cost/Benefit Analysis Feasibility Study

Design Analysis

Detailed Design – Anode Attachment Hardware, Monitoring Systems, Cabling, etc.

Engineering calculations

Evaluation of Design Alternatives

Pre-Design Feasibility Studies

Specifications and Drawings

Design of custom cathodic protection rectifiers